SPI 258: The Productivity Project with Chris Bailey

Productivity Month continues this week with even more tips and strategies for making the most of your day. Joining me today is expert Chris Bailey, author of The Productivity Project, with some incredible research that just might change how you think about productivity.

Lots of us measure our productivity by how much we produce or create in a day, whether it’s answering 100 emails or writing 5,000 words. Chris, however, thinks differently. His research challenges that idea and reveals that true productivity is less about our output than the scale of our accomplishments.

Sound intriguing? Then you’ll want to hear the rest of Chris’s insights into the real nature of productivity, the habits he’s adopted in his own life, and mindset shifts he recommends for anyone hoping to do more with their waking hours.

Like any entrepreneur, I’m always working to become the most productive person I can be, and one of the best ways I know to do that is listening to experts like Chris. Enjoy!

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Special thanks to Chris for joining me this week. Until next time!

You’ll Learn

  • Why productivity is about what we accomplish, not what we produce.
  • The most common, and dangerous, misconception about productivity.
  • How the “rule of three” can transform your daily productivity.
  • Mindset adjustments for dealing with distractions and lapses in interest.
  • Why Chris created a “distractions device.”
  • The surprising ways positivity connects to productivity.
  • Tips for discovering your most productive time of day.
  • Productivity habits Chris practices in his own life, and more!



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