SPI 277: Buying Push-Button Solutions vs. Taking Real Action—A Coaching Call with Amy Torres

Today’s episode is a special one. You’ll get to hear a coaching call with entrepreneur Amy Torres, who’s been creating courses, blogging, coaching, and writing books for years. Her latest course is about to launch, and she’s got questions about scaling, marketing, listening to her audience, and providing as much value as possible. In this call, we talk through what she can do to take action and bring her course to the next level.

I love working with fellow entrepreneurs on the early stages of their business—it’s the focus of Will It Fly? and my online course, Smart From Scratch. [Full Disclosure: As an Amazon affiliate, I receive additional compensation if you purchase Will It Fly? through this link.] Amy, however, has done her research, moved beyond the validation stage, and is ready to see her new course bring great things to her online business. Where should she direct her focus? How can she scale her course? How can she form strong bonds with her audience in a way that suits her personality?

If you’re in Amy’s shoes, wondering where to take your business next, you’ve got to hear this episode. We cover so much ground in this call, from mindset tips to Facebook Live and more. Listen in to hear how a fellow SPI listener is taking action, and enjoy!

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Special thanks to Amy for joining me this week. Until next time!

You’ll Learn

  • Amy’s online business journey, including her experiences as a coach, a writer, and an entrepreneur.
  • Advice for scaling your business in ways your audience will value.
  • Mindset tips for overcoming roadblocks and self-doubt.
  • The importance of listening in the early stages of course creation.
  • Why picking a single channel is a great way to get started with your marketing.
  • Why it’s okay to set aside strategies and messaging that doesn’t feel authentically “you.”
  • Tips for using Facebook Live to build an authentic connection with your audience.
  • How to get in touch with me and the SPI community with your business questions, and more!



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